Planning and Urban Development

Boverket is supervising the built environment, spatial planning and resource conservation. Environment and energy policy is often implemented through the planning system.

We review developments within the fields of housing, building and planning. We gather relevant facts and statistics in Sweden and internationally to describe, understand, forecast and make policy suggestions. We undertake evaluations and impact assessments of policy initiatives at national and regional levels.

Responsiblie for environmental quality

Boverket is responsible for the assessment of the national environmental quality goal "Good Built Environment" as well as the comprehensive goal of "Spatial Planning and Resource Conservation of Land and Water". Social inclusion is given much attention.
Boverket supervises town and country planning in Sweden from legislative, procedural and architectural perspectives.

The focus is on Detailed Development Planning. Based on this work, the unit works with the implementation of relevant EU Directives in Swedish planning legislation and develops planning policy guidance. Municipal planners and politicians, as well as the general public, can get advice by the unit.

Quality is in focus

Development of sustainable regions and communities and for quality of life is always in focus in various parts of our work. Examples are infrastructure and transport, the importance of urban environment and social issues, and development of the planning process and its instruments. The circulation of best practice is an important part of the work.

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