Cooperation for a better life in the cities


Cooperation is necessary to promote sustainable development. The Swedish Government has therefore assigned five authorities to create a platform for sustainable urban development.

The Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning is coordinating the assignment which is being conducted together with the Swedish Energy Agency, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth as well as the Swedish Transport Administration.

Issues related to urban development are becoming more important, both within Sweden and internationally. The EU Commission prioritises urban development issues during the programme period of 2014-2020 which has now been initiated, but in the past funds for urban development in specific programmes have also been allocated. In February 2014 the Government assigned the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, the Swedish Energy Agency, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and the Swedish Transport Administration to develop and administer a platform for issues on sustainable urban development.

The Platform builds further on the special investment the Government made between 2008 and 2012 to promote sustainable development of cities, urban areas and residential areas – the Delegation for Sustainable Cities.

Coordinate, develop and deliver

The aim of the Platform is greater collaboration, coordination, knowledge development, dissemination of knowledge and exchange of experience within the context of sustainable urban development. The authorities included in the Platform will collaborate on a number of key issues which are important for developing the work on sustainable urban development.

Some challenges which are currently known include, for example, inadequate coordination within and between sectors and political levels, insufficient investments in research and knowledge development as well as a gap between sustainability rhetoric and practical action. The State has an important role in strengthening the cooperation between sectors and levels. The Platform comprises an important link between practice and politics at a local, regional and national level. Through the platform, discussions and activities can be coordinated locally, regionally and nationally, while a continuous dialogue is held with the Government Offices of Sweden. The Platform can also be a meeting place for local and regional initiatives.

Sustainable development

By 'sustainable urban development' the Government refers to a continuously evolving process taking into account social, economic and environmental sustainability and also the given local and regional conditions. Planning and initiatives must be adapted to the differing conditions of cities, urban areas and regions, for example, size, density, geographical location, and the structure of the population and trade and industry. In order to fulfil the economic, environmental and social challenges of cities while utilising the development potential which exists in cities, integrated work methods between different fields of competence are required.

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