The Delegation for Sustainable Cities

Creating cities that are as sustainable as possible is a key issue for the future. The Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning is charged with promoting sustainable urban development through various means, such as monitoring, supporting and disseminating knowledge from projects that have received support from the Delegation for Sustainable Cities.

The Delegation for Sustainable Cities was appointed by the government for the period 2008-2012, to serve as a power concentrator to stimulate sustainable urban development. The purpose was to create an arena for cooperation, experience exchange and knowledge dissemination across sectoral boundaries.

Financial support for sustainable urban development projects

The delegation was directed to provide financial support for sustainable urban development projects throughout Sweden. Over the years, a total of 98 projects, of which 9 were major multidimensional investment projects, shared in total support funds of SEK 357 million. The projects include everything from book publications to major urban renewal projects. Common to all the projects is that they think one step further as regards sustainable urban development and come up with creative answers to complex issues.

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